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Broadcasting from the workshop in Modra....
Last Sunday I went after a 12 hour flying and transfering and waiting in between (we stopped at prague, which is one of the cities I wanted to see more and I could only see the airport:( ) we arrived to Modra. It is a small empty and boring village near Bratislava (but not very near so you can go to  Bratislava at the evening). The hotel is comme-ci comme-ça. The workshop this time is about marketing and selling films which doesn't interest me much, so it wasn't the best time I had or anything. And I have to also add that I'm not in love with Slovak people.

At last on Wednesday, we decided that we got bored enough and escaped to Vienna for a day. As you may know, Bratislava and Vienna is the two closest capitals in the world and it only takes 50 minutes with the train (which is less then what I have to take everyday to go to university.) Hurray!!!!

We just couldn't find any hostel rooms at the last minute so we stayed at a private room. Vienna is a wonderful, breath-taking city. Also the people are usually very very cool -and the guys very very handsome!-. I realized that I missed German and the German culture and the Austrians were even better then Germans. It seemed to be that (weirdly) Austrian culture is somehow in between of Italian and German culture (or blond Italians)- good combination.

So we arrived to Vienna at 8 o'clock and tried for a long time to find the hostel (we didn't have a map you see, and people kept telling us the direction of a wrong hostel). At the end 2 guys (tourists) asked us a place and I asked them where the hostel is. Luckily they were from the hostel, but the problem was that (I didn't realize it but the girls keep giving me signs and all) we were standing in front of a revue place at the whole time and apparently a car stopped when it saw us and there were 4 men in it looking at us:P The tourist guy opening his wallet to show me the map didn't help either:P At last, we found the hostel without any crazy adventure.

After leaving our staff to the hostel we decided to go out to eat and then apparently we decided took  all the way to the end Vienna, we ended up in the river near midnight. We saw a lot of stuff though, and found a cool place in the river with an artifical beach and drank a beer and went back to sleep.
The next day we first saw Belvedere, then almost everything else in the city, except for the castle outside the city. Vienna is a gorgeous city, especially St. Stephen's Cathedral took my breath away (I literally had to sit for a minute when I saw the inside). We ate huge schnitzels. At 5 o'clock my legs were killing me, but I really wanted to buy my brother something Mozart as he is a Mozart freak and really should have born in Vienna instead of Istanbul. The thing I didn't realize at the time was that I needed to walk for 1 hour to find it and then 1 hour back... I was exhausted, but happy to be able to but him a chocolate box set with a coffee mug. I sit at a Starbucks and while drinking my coffee, the mug fell down:(((((( Only the handle was broken, but still I am very sorry about it.

(now broadcasting from Istanbul).

Anyway the real adventure started after returning to Bratislava. It was 9 when we took the bus to Modra, but we three idiot girls missed the stop and it was the last bus. So the bus left us in the text city, in a deserted bus station, literally in the middle of nowhere (oops). We asked a taxi driver how much would it cost us to go to the hotel, and of course, he didn't know any english and my friends said that he asked 300 euros!. Well we said, maybe we can sleep at the bus station, or maybe not, because we would probably found dead in the morning (did you see the film 'Hostel'? It was in Bratislava!). Then we decided to ask a taxidriver for a hotel to stay, he was weirdly friendly and knew german, so I could communicate with him (I thanked God so many times for knowing German in this city!). He said that taxi to Modra would cost 30 euros, not 300! So we went with the taxi.

The taxi ride was also scary, because we were going in the middle of no where and then the taxidriver called someone and spoke in Slovak (of course) very enthusiastically. I remember scenes from Hostel... but anyway, we managed to go back to the hotel alive. But the adventure was not over... My friend took the driver's coat by mistake thinking that it was our other friend's (which was not). When we checked out from the hotel, he still didn't came for his coat, so, mmm... okay....

The return trip was hell too, we went to the airport at 3 am in the morning, went to Prague and waited 6 hours for our flight to Istanbul:( I never imagined myself being able to sleep in an airport, but well, one must do what she must do, right?

To summarize, except from the wonderful Vienna, the trip didn't worth the effort it took.

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